a nostalgic lunch and my favorite stl thai

Top (under $15, if you can believe it) // Jeans - my favorite ever, but size down // Bag // Shoes // Hat

We took these photos on a very rare occasion that Darrell and I got to have lunch together, which always seems like a treat due to our crazy schedules.  I'm not sure I've ever talked about our work week schedule; Darrell actually leaves by 5:15 AM each day and commutes an hour to work, where he works out at the company gym and starts his workday at 7am.  I get Claire ready to leave for  school by 7:30 (at the latest) to get to work by 8:30, and then I can work out after work or on my lunch hour if I don't have anything SUPER sweaty planned.  The goal is usually dinner by 7, bed by 8.  It sounds a little crazy, and our days are definitely long, but it's what works for us!  Since he works so far away, lunch dates are usually out of the question, but this particular week he was at a conference for his company in downtown St Louis, which is a relatively short drive from Clayton, MO where I am.  We ate at our favorite Thai place, where we used to eat all the time when we lived downtown in the teeniest little apartment, right before we got married.  If you're ever eating in downtown St Louis and craving a little heat, Sen Thai is a must!  

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