fall festivities flop

Truth be told, we kind of flubbed the official "blogger trip to Eckert's" this year!  I mean, you've seen enough of these posts, right?  That's good, because these are the only decent photos I have!! We went around 2 pm, when the sun was extremely high, it was a little hot, and Claire was less than cooperative (she may have stolen that apple she's eating in the photo above, who even knows.)  We never got to apple pick because the line for the tractor the fields was so long, and walking around trying to take photos wasn't her favorite.  She was also too young to ride any of the carnival rides Eckert's had set up, but not too young to throw a fit about that.  If you have a recommendation for a smaller, less "theme park like" pumpkin patch in the St Louis area, I'm all ears!  I'm just not sure they're working out for us anymore, especially at this age.  I want to eat apple cider donuts, not feel like I'm at Six Flags with a too short rider all day long!  

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