pink coats and velvet shoes

We shot these photos on what I'll probably remember as the last warm day (it hit 80 this day!!) and I know I'll be eating these words in February, but I wasn't sad to see the warmth go.  I'm one of these crazy people who likes to start enjoying the holidays the minute Halloween is over - admittedly not my favorite, Halloween - and I just can't do that when it's 80 degrees outside!  I want holiday Starbucks cups, not t shirts and shorts.  

This outfit is one that I'll definitely be wearing with tights (favorite tights ever right here, by the way) in the coming months, and this little bag has been on repeat - it's by J.Crew, and I love that you can have it monogrammed.  It feels so luxe, but it's actually under $130 (and you can usually find a promo code to make it even less!)  

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