the weekender/easter

Claire's mouth closed.  

Claire's mouth full of candy.  

Claire kind of smiling but Darrell is only halfway there....

Claire not having it at all....


The Easter bunny got creative.  Hiding eggs on the treadmill?  SURE!  Haha we had a little apartment bound egg hunt that was a great success.  Although once Claire found out there was chocolate in the eggs she completely abandoned the hunt until she had eaten ALL that she had already found!  

To me the most comical part of any Easter weekend is the inevitable attempt to get a good family photo.  Last year on Easter Claire was a total grump - I think she was teething or something - I didn't even do a dedicated post, but there are a few photos of her crying in her dress in this old post !  This year she was an absolute angel, with a smile for everyone, but no child looooooves posing for photos as many times as I tried to make her!  So I'm thrilled with the ones that we got.  

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!  


i tried it/rent the runway unlimited

Last week, Rent the Runway launched its "Unlimited" app!  Remember how Netflix functioned in the pre streaming days?  This is like that, but with clothes!  Unlimited had been in Beta for quite some time now, and had previously intrigued me but I was never able to get off the waitlist since I was one of many (there were apparently over 40,000 women on it at one time!)  So needless to say, I was thrilled to try it out.  Here's how it works: 

You sign up online for a monthly fee (get $20 off your first month here!), and select your first three items to rent.  This is from a collection of handbags, jewelry, dresses, jackets, coats, tops, skirts, and pants.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  Most of these items are statement pieces - the website isn't loaded with basics.  You make your selections and they ship the items to you via 2 day shipping, with shipping being included in the cost - the to and from.  Keep those three items for as long or short as you'd like, then send back and pick something new.  You can keep items as long as your subscription is active, and return 1, 2, or all 3 of your items at a time.  Not all items are available for purchase, but some are if you really fall in love with something!  Have more questions?  Here's the company's FAQs!  

My first choices were this dress, this romper, and this handbag.  They showed up on Thursday, and I immediately sent back the blue Shoshanna dress to swap for something else (it was too snug in the arms, apparently I should size up in that brand.)  I wore the romper and bag for a day date with Darrell, and they were both perfect with a leather jacket and shoes I already owned!  I'll send them back on Monday, by which RTR will have received the Shoshanna dress and be awaiting my replacement selection; I'm leaning towards this pretty Tory Burch dress, then maybe this Valentino or this gorgeous floral shift.  If I bought all of those items, which are only a fraction of what I could be wearing this month - at my current rate I'll try 14 or 15 pieces this month - I'd spend over $3000.  Obviously I don't have that much disposable income for clothing, and nor would I choose to spend it on clothing if I did!  Truthfully, I like to switch up my wardrobe a lot, and I certainly am not doing that with items that have off-the-runway quality.   This method, however, has me rethinking the way I shop and wear clothes.  What's the difference between renting a high end dress or buying a $35 b.p. dress I only wear 2-3 times?  Not much, if you ask me.  Even better, if you work in an office environment where you're expected to dress at a certain level but don't get the compensation to make that happen, you'll love this service - they've loaded the inventory with office appropriate shift dresses and practical professional tote bags.  I'm planning an office outfit post soon with some upcoming rentals!  So far, I've been loving the service and am always excited for my next shipment.  I look forward to seeing how it changes the way I shop and dress this year - between this and Trunk Club, I'm really giving myself a sartorial overhaul, in a good way!  

Wedding season is coming up, so give RTR Unlimited a shot at $20 off your first month here.  I can't wait to hear what you think of it!  

If you want to read more about my Trunk Club experiences so far, you can click here and here.  


trunk club - the follow up trunk

Okay, me and my stylist are officially in a groove - this week I'm reviewing my "follow up trunk" that was put together to address some issues I had with the previous one and I have to say, she nailed it!  I was staring at the box with my budget not lining up with my wants by the time it was time to pack it up and send it back, so this week I'm telling you how I made the hard cuts; even though I really wanted to keep everything!  If you missed my previous post on Trunk Club, click here to check it out!  

First up, the items I didn't even feel that I needed to try on because I knew I didn't like them (I mean, let's save the best for last!)  

I didn't like the white denim jacket she sent, I prefer and more solid and sturdy denim in pants and jackets and this one was extremely stretchy and had snaps.  So, it went back.  I prefer sandals to sneakers in the summertime.  While I LOVED the little leather tote, it just wasn't quite bit enough for me to warrant keeping. The silk Madewell dress I didn't love the pattern on.  

Now for the fun stuff!  I really liked every other item, but only kept three pieces.  

This white eyelet romper was so cute, I really wanted to keep it.  But I ended up sending it back just because of my budget!  It was so fun though, I could see myself hunting it down just to see if it goes on sale.  

I loved this Free People dress, and it was so comfortable and easy to wear that it was an obvious keeper.  

This romper was also Free People, and it was super cute and not actually too high considering it's FP.  I ended up sending it back, but I really liked it.  

Another Free People top (I told my stylist I love the brand) but I thought this one was drab.  And I loved these distressed white jeans, but you can't see that the waistband was at least one or two sizes too big, so hopefully I'll get the next size down in my next trunk.  

This Free People off shoulder top was super cute but the lines didn't exactly stay straight on my large chest, so it was a no.  Loved the front of these white shorts, but they're by Hudson and the pockets are "pointy" in the back (a detail of every Hudson jean) so I made a note to my stylist to not include that and sent them back.  

I specifically requested Jack Rogers this box and she nailed it with the style and color selection - these are so versatile and match everything from Lilly Pulitzer to Madewell.  The ultimate neutral summer sandal, and so comfy!  

I thought this crop top was very cute but it "popped" out in the front under my chest, so it didn't work for me (although I love a crop top, and hopefully will get more that just flatter me a little better!)  Loved these shorts in length and cut, but I really want a high waisted short for this summer that I can wear crop tops with, so these went back.  

I was initially looking at this top like "um, a plain white t shirt?" Then I put it on, draped it a little, and suddenly it was my favorite piece in the whole box.  Keeper!  It's also by Free People.  The jeans are Paige and while I did like them, the denim was thin and a little stretchier than I like it to be.  

That was everything!  I liked this box a lot more than the last, and probably would've kept 6 or 7 things if money was no object!  I still think Trunk Club is my favorite personal shopping service out there - definitely the highest quality clothing, definitely the least pressure, definitely the easiest to receive and send back - and I highly recommend it!  

You can get started with my stylist here (no fees, no nothing unless you buy an item) and you don't pay for anything until after you've received your box and made your selections!  Also want to end this post by saying that this isn't a sponsored post, I just really love this service and hope you enjoy the try ons!  

Thanks for reading, as always!  


the weekender: claire's first library trip

We took Claire to the library for the first time this past Saturday and she LOVED it.  We were honestly there for 2 hours, and she was completely entertained the entire time - it was the perfect rainy day activity.  If you have a toddler, you know 2 hours anywhere with them happy is a looooooong  time!  

We checked out a ton of books with her very own library card - they were so sweet at the front desk and made a big show of it being her first time, stickers and all.  We just went to the small Central West End branch because of the St Patrick's day parade going on downtown, but plan to take her to the big and recently renovated Central Library as soon as we can!  I can't tell you how much fun we had.  Other than that we did a whole lot of nothing all weekend, hanging out at home binge watching House of Cards and playing/reading/cooking!  

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed these photos :) 


I Tried It: Trunk Club

There are so many clothing subscription services out now (a more detailed review of Mac & Mia is coming soon!) that I thought it would be fun to expand my thoughts on a few of the more recent ones.  If you're a fan of Stitch Fix (my review on that service here, here, and here) then get ready to switch it up, because I've found something I like even more!  

Trunk Club, long a service that was similar but only offered men's clothing, has finally expanded its offerings to include women's!  

The great thing about Trunk Club is that they don't charge any styling or shipping fees.  It's completely free to receive your trunk.  You can even schedule your package pickup (for free!!!  again!!) through the Trunk Club website after you've given your stylist feedback and just set it out for pickup.  With Stitch Fix, you have to drop your package off at a USPS drop point - not a big deal, but less convenient for sure.  I also really appreciate that I don't feel the need to "spend" my styling fee by making sure it goes towards an item in my shipment.  Trunk Club operates on the success of their stylists skill, so you never feel pressured to buy anything as a client.  You are also able to chat with your stylist on the phone or via email before she puts your trunk together, which makes for a more successful experience overall.  

Trunk Club sends you 12-15 pieces per trunk (including shoes and handbags, or jewelry and scarves if you request it) and before your box is shipped you get a "preview."  During this you log on to your account and are able to veto any items you DEFINITELY don't want sent because you don't like them, and your stylist will pick new things.  This greatly ups your chances of success, which I loved because it's very disappointing to get a box with absolutely nothing you like in it!  

After you get the box and try on, you have 10 days to return your unwanted items, which is quite a bit longer than any other service I've seen.  All in all, Trunk Club completely blew any of its competition out of the water and is definitely my favorite of the clothing subscription services so far. 

Okay, copious amounts of try on photos below!  

These were on top of my box so they got photographed first - they're kind of a mustard color, and although very cute this color doesn't jive well with much of my wardrobe.  Return!  

I didn't think the cuff was all that great on these Madewell shorts with my muscular legs, and this white Rag & Bone t shirt was a HILARIOUS $85!!!! I made sure to note that in my feedback, $85 plain t shirts really aren't my jam.  

This Equipment v neck blouse was very pretty but ran large, and it was also quite see thru.   I loved these Rag & Bone black denim capris, but they were out of my budget for denim and didn't fit all that well anyways.  

This Joie top was $248, SO there's that.  It went back.  Obviously.  

I really liked these Topshop jeans but don't need any more blue denim, I really wished they were white.  They were super comfortable!  I requested something like them in white next time.  

This dress was quite pretty, but not as pretty as another white dress I tried on from the box, pictured below.  So it went back!  

This blue dress was a great color but just so 80s!! I wish it hadn't had the second straps on the outside.  

This pink dress was very well priced and so was the jacket, but the jacket was too big and I don't wear much of this darkish pink, so they went back.  

This dress I LOVED!! It's by Cupcakes & Cashmere (a blog I've read a long time who has lately started a fashion line sold at Nordstrom) and this was the first piece I've ever tried from it.  It was extremely well priced considering the cut and quality and I really, really like it.  It was worth getting the whole box to find this dress in my opinion.  The fabric floats really nicely in person, and it'll be extremely comfortable this summer.  Win!  

This was toooooo dowdy on me. Return!  

These sneakers are Joie and very cute, but so delicate that I didn't really feel they were "playground practical" and I'm not sure where else I'd wear them.  

I LOVED these booties/sandals and they were under $100, which was awesome.  They're by hinge. (a Nordstrom house brand) that I've loved for a while and the blushy-neutral color will go with everything.  They'll replace a Target pair I wore into the ground last summer and are very comfortable.  

If you have any questions about Trunk Club please let me know in the comments!  You can sign up for your first trunk here - like I've said I cannot seem to think of a downside, so get to it!  Spring is coming!  
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