our new home

In case you've been wondering where we've been (maybe you haven't, who knows, probably flattering myself a bit here!) the radio silence in this space has been because WE MOVED!  Bought a house in fact, the cutest one you ever did see in Webster Groves.  If you're not familiar with the St Louis area, Webster is nicely located slightly south of Clayton, which is a bit of a metro hub and has lots to do.  It's ALSO located right off a typically easy to navigate interstate that leads right into downtown St Louis.  Location wise, it was the DREAM!  We never dreamed we'd find the right house, in our budget, at the right time.....but thanks to some poorly taken photos of the house on the listing, and our great realtor , it became ours last week!  I had lot of furniture in storage ready to move in once we closed, and we already knew which rooms needed painting & new light fixtures, so the space came along pretty quickly!  Here are some photos I took of our new space as it is right now, and I tried to include some notes of what we changed about the room and how we plan to do even more in the future!  Something I really want to highlight before we get started is how much of this furniture came from a local store called "Renee's Vintage Obsessions" in Mt. Vernon, IL

I know a lot of you that read this blog are local to St Louis or Mt. Vernon, and I have to insist that you check them out!  I feel like I'm giving away a big secret here, but she stocks the most amazing vintage pieces and at seriously good prices.  Our house looks this put together only because we were able to get so many pieces there all at once, affordably.  If you go in, please tell her I say hi!  Okay, on to a thousand pictures!  
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