#bohovibes with zaful

Jacket c/o // Jeans // Tee - this is my favorite tee of all time // Wedges (old, but these are very cute)// Brio Tassel Necklace // Miramar Sunnies

This fun jacket is getting me through the funniest time of year - that moment when you're like "hey, back to school!  September!  Fall decor at Hobby Lobby!" and simultaneously like "wait, it's 95 degrees outside."  In St Louis, we call September summer - our biggest music festival is always the weekend AFTER Labor Day - so we can't really claim to be autumnal yet.  But, since I'm no longer feeling like cutoffs and tank tops, and since I really really want to start burning my Bath & Body Works fall candles - hello, Cider Lane! - we'll compromise, with boho embellished jackets that are made of the thinnest cotton.  

On a side note - I've lately been trying to test out some of the popular Asian fashion sites for you guys, in order to offer solid reviews to go off of.  This jacket in particular is from Zaful, and I'm happy to report that I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality!  The packaging it arrived in was nice, although I highly recommend their express shipping.  You can see more of their pieces styled in real life on their Instagram, and they post coupons all the time here

Next up: Sammydress.com & Rosegal.com - will report back!   


my latest trunk club review

I'm back today with another review of my latest trunk from Trunk Club!  This is a service I had put on pause for the summer, because I hadn't really needed many new clothes for a bit (I tend to be a pre season shopper) but since I know many people are looking to freshen up their wardrobe this time of year, I thought it might be good to remind you about this crazy useful service!  

If you'd like to read my initial review of trunk club, you can find it here!  

This dress is my first and most favorite item from this trunk!  Such a fab color for autumn and really casual/easy to wear.  It's from Free People and was also a really great price point.  

 The great thing about Trunk Club is that they don't charge any styling or shipping fees.  It's completely free to receive your trunk.  You can even schedule your package pickup through the Trunk Club website after you've given your stylist feedback and just set it out for pickup.  With Stitch Fix, you have to drop your package off at a USPS drop point - not a big deal, but less convenient for sure.  I also really appreciate that I don't feel the need to "spend" my styling fee by making sure it goes towards an item in my shipment.  Trunk Club operates on the success of their stylists skill, so you never feel pressured to buy anything as a client.  You are also able to chat with your stylist on the phone or via email before she puts your trunk together, which makes for a more successful experience overall.  

Trunk Club sends you 12-15 pieces per trunk (including shoes and handbags, or jewelry and scarves if you request it) and before your box is shipped you get a "preview."  During this you log on to your account and are able to veto any items you DEFINITELY don't want sent because you don't like them, and your stylist will pick new things.  This greatly ups your chances of success, which I loved because it's very disappointing to get a box with absolutely nothing you like in it!  

This, I didn't love.  It's by Cupcakes & Cashmere (a brand I really like in general) but I have to say that I HATE dresses that require a slip underneath, they're almost never sized correctly and this was no exception.  

This red sweater was really REALLY soft and had a very pretty open back with a contrasting fabric.  It was by NYDJ, a brand I hadn't tried before!  These jeans are black "skinny skinny" jeans from Madewell, which is a label I always love for pants.  They're size 26, which worked for me in these.  

These two t shirts were definitely her trying to fill in my basics wardrobe, but frankly I would've preferred some from the line Lush or BP.  I don't typically spend extra $$$ on t shirts because some lower priced brands do them really well.  That said, this blush tee (Madewell) and white tee (Rag & Bone) would have been great investments if I wore this kind of thing more!  

Another really soft sweater, but I don't love this neckline, and the same goes for the blue one!  

Lastly, this tank from Splendid was an awesome fall layering piece (with cardigans!) and the softest one I've felt.  Moving on to shoes....

These Sam Edelman fringe heels were darling, and his shoes are ALWAYS the most comfortable, but the black was a harsh line on my muscular legs so they went back!  

However, I was totally obsessed with these cognac Free People booties that are so great for transitioning to fall and will still be cute with tights in a couple of months!  Super flattering to the leg, too!  

Great success all around - I highly, highly recommend my Trunk Club stylist and you will get assigned to her if you sign up through this link!  Like I said, there is zero risk involved and since Trunk Club is owned and run by Nordstrom the selections are pretty broad and awesome.  Let me know how you like it on Instagram!  


another white top

Top // Jeans // Bag // Shoes

This white blouse is hands down one of my very favorite pieces I've bought lately.  I've never met a ruffle....or white top that I didn't love, but this one you guys - so pretty!  And so versatile.  The hem looks just a cute tucked in and I could see it being a total staple if you work in a pencil skirt environment!  

Hope you're having a great week so far!  


ruffles & stripes

Top // Jeans // Bag // Shoes

If it's okay with you, I think we should let this blue and white stripe trend stick around for a while, right?  I'm in love with the fresh feel it gives to office & off duty wear alike, and involving ruffles never hurts either, in my opinion!  

J.Crew, no surprise, has this trend on lock and this poplin top is one that I was tempted to pick up in every color!  I refrained myself, since they used it in a couple of other silhouttes (here, with an awesome and super femme ruffle, and an off the shoulder top I also nabbed.)  

Tell me, are you loving this trend as much as I am?  And are you as hesitant to give up your white jeans (I think I refuse!)  


concert style

Cross Front Tee // Shorts - old, these are v similar // Bag // Booties // Hat-similar

I guess this post is just a bunch of photos of me touching my hat?!  :)

I wore this outfit to a concert last Wednesday with Darrell (Wilco!) probably the 7th time we've seen them but what can I say?  It never gets old!  These flat booties were the perfect thing for standing in a crowd all night long, and one of my very favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

I can't get enough of hats in the fall, especially fawn colored felt ones that seem to match every outfit (and cover every bad hair day!)  This one from Hinge is a couple years old, but my new favorite is the one linked above, yet another Nsale purchase that I had wanted FOREVER but had trouble pulling the trigger at full price.  You might be wondering how they're different, but listen, they all serve a purpose....just like my 50 striped shirts.

Hope you all had a great week, and Happy Monday!  


friday favorites

Favorite Quote

Oh my goodness, do I ever struggle with this.  I have a lot of irons in the fire, and sometime it is just SO EASY to get distracted or worse, to dedicate time to something I don't particularly enjoy or isn't the most pressing issue, and that's just silly.  Productive is the new goal.  Be productive.  Focus on what's important.  Free up more time to be in the moment with Claire!  

Favorite Verse

I'm an anxious person by nature, and it's something I'm always trying to get under control (yoga & wine help, haha) but recently I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this verse, and it really resonated with me how much in the Bible God insists that we ought not worry, and I've tried to fold that lesson into my heart lately.  I need to be more warrior, less worrier!  

Favorite Blog: Happily Eva After

Written by Susan Sarandon's daughter, or how my husband would refer to her: "Soccer superstar Kyle Martino's wife" Eva Amurri's blog is consistent, interesting, and unfailingly fun to read!  Her family is crazy adorable, and she's also one of my favorite people to follow on Snapchat!  

Favorite Food: Cake Pops

This is a totally embarrassing thing to admit, but I'm completely addicted to the Birthday Cake pops at Starbucks.  #notvegan.  Someone tell me how to quit these things?!  

Favorite Gem: 

Lately I've been complete obsessed with these horn necklaces!  They're so pretty together or on their own, and I love that they're delicate but make a statement.  

You can find them HERE, the Luna Pendant Necklace and the Double Horn Necklace

Favorite Handbag: 

This suede accordion bag from Banana Republic has totally stolen my heart - and it's available here, on sale!  

Favorite Flowers: 

Lately I'm crushing hard on vintage Hydrangeas, a super unique color variety that look so perfect for Autumn!  

Favorite Shoes: 

I'm scheming any way to wear these sparkly pink babies (style name is the Kate Spade Lydia), and apparently you guys like them as well - this is my most liked Instagram post ever!  You can find these shoes here, although I want to give you a heads up that you can get them on Amazon in certain sizes and colors for more than half off.  I never lead you wrong, price wise, if I can help it!  6pm also has a couple colors on major sale here...

Favorite Candle: 

This candle is a major splurge, but it's such a worthy indulgence.  It really fills the entire house with scent, and to me it is just the coziest, most sophisticated autumn scent.  Darrell is even so obsessed with it he will gently insist I restock, despite that fact that he generally would be entirely put off by such a price point.  If you won't take the plunge yourself, it makes a fabulous and very glam gift!  

Favorite for Claire: Cat & Jack!  

This line just launched at Target in toddler sizes and I could not be more in love with it - the whimsy, the color, the PRICE POINT.  All things total perfection.  Claire already has this fun cape, and I've got my eye on this tee and these boots.  


pink. blue. white.

(most things I'm wearing are old, but I like my clothes and don't ONLY wear new things, so I linked similar items!)  

If you can't tell by my blog posts this week, I'm definitely clinging to these last few weeks of summer.  It was nearly unbearably hot in STL last week, so Fall clothes weren't really an option anyway!

I'm forever crushing on this combo of blue and white when it's warm.  This dress is one of my all time faves (so comfy) and I really hope the Red Dress Boutique releases it again next summer!


summer whites

Dress - old but this one is super similar // Colette & Zuni Necklaces // Wedges  - identical and less than $25 // Crosby Hobo Bag

I wore this look out to get Mexican with friends last week!  We had a total blast once we got there and realized it was also trivia night - we had a sitter, of course - and got the biggest margarita I've maybe ever had?  With champagne in it?  Hilarious but also awesome!  

Hope you're having a great week so far!  


friday link love

Hellooooooo weekend!  We are so excited to get out of town tonight and head for Chicago to visit some dear friends of ours and their brand new daughter.  We're going to a Cubs/Cards game (rivalries are so fun, amirite?)  with them on Saturday so it's just a quick up and back, but I'm so looking forward to it!  I hope you have plans that make the most of one of few summer weekends left as well!  PS - if you're in St Louis, IT IS SO HOT.  Stay cool!

Here are a few of my favorite links and things from this week:

First up, I have a Trunk Show open with Stella & Dot for a dear friend, and it's closing soon (with a few of my favorite items up to purchase at half off!)  You can shop it here, if there's anything you've seen on the blog and been wishing you had!  

The LOFT friends & family sale is this weekend (40% off everything) and its all looking realllllly good over there.  I'm particularly fond of this burgundy cross body and this pretty dark lace dress.  

YOU GUYS.  Forever 21 is stepping up their game again (they were always better at Fall) and this top is to die for.  Less than $20!! 

THIS is so true, especially for mothers sometimes.  

What Amy Schumer is reading currently (I was kind of surprised that we have VERY similar taste in books.)  

A beach with a library, aka my ideal destination.  

Sooooo have you guys started the new Harry Potter book yet?? I'm only 1/3 of the way in (pathetic, 13 year old me finished each new one that came out in under 12 hours, typically) but you know, babies.  I'm still REALLY EXCITED to be reading about Harry and friends again.  So far, it's fabulous.

PS- are you guys following me on Instagram yet?  If not, head on over - I'm loving the new stories feature!  

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