fall ready with a 70s vibe

Happy Monday!  I'm back today with a mash up of some of my very favorite pieces for fall.  Gimme leopard, cognag, plaid, and a button up scarf and I am h-a-p-p-y!  Although last week we had a warm front in STL, this week we are lucky enough to have temps in the 60s and it feels SO good to bust out my favorite scarves in the morning, including this super soft one from ILYmix.  I am crazy about the warm autumn colors and know it will wear it so much in the coming months.  They have so many cute scarves in stock right now, I'm also crazy about this one and how fun is this hot pink?!  

Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week!  


early fall staples

As much as I wish I could say that autumn has arrived in St Louis already, it really hasn't.  Our A/C is still on, our leaves are still kicking, and much to my husband's dismay, the grass is still green and growing like crazy.  We HAVE been lucky enough to have cooler mornings - sometimes we start in the 50s and end up in the 80s by mid afternoon, so this jeans/tank/jacket combo has been a go to!  

I'm getting major mileage out of the pieces I stocked up on from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, especially this leather jacket - which looks to be back in stock!! It was gone for quite some time, but word to the wise on sizing - I would size up.  I actually got my usual small, and during the sale unfortunately a medium was nearly impossible to come by.  It works, but I can't say I wouldn't be the teeeeeeeeniest more comfortable in a medium.  

Hope you're having a great week so far!  


deal hunting with goodwill for back to school and more!

A few months ago, Goodwill Industries contacted me about doing a little back to school shopping for Claire in their stores.  It seemed like a natural fit, since I'd been going there for years whenever I felt like doing a little shopping but didn't quite have the budget to fit a random day browsing Anthropologie.  I also had quite a list for Claire, so we decided to take her with - she's very particular about her clothes!  For example, she totally vetoed the pink tutu I'm holding up above.  

What we ended up with - this cute turtleneck and skirt combo - I'll pair it with knee high socks!  We also grabbed two sleepers in her size, because is it just me or are children CONSTANTLY growing out of pajamas?!  

We don't have a Halloween costume nailed down for sure yet, but I mostly picked these up for her to play dress up in!  The quality is pretty nice for the price and she's in a major "princess" phase so extra tutus never hurt!  

She also asked for THIS THING which i vetoed, but I did say yes to a $1 teapot.  

Last but not least - NEVER ever go to Goodwill without perusing the glassware.  Here is the thing, there are about a million people each day inheriting their grandmother's china and crystal and sadly, they often don't have somewhere good to put it.  Or they don't entertain.  Or they own 6 large dogs.  WHATEVER.  Those people are taking those treasures to the Goodwill - and then Anthropologie knocks those vintage treasures off and sells them for approximately $20 a glass.  I don't always score, but it's my most winning category for sure.  This weekend, I hit the jackpot!  Those rose colored coupes (for $1 each,) perfect for champs or even better - sorbet topped with champs - may be my all time favorite find.  

Long story short, when your kids inevitably needs pajamas, school clothes, a Halloween costume, or YOU have a party and are short a few champagne classes, hit up your local Goodwill.  It's like treasure hunting, and I think you'll strike gold :)  

ps - I was provided with shopping vouchers for creating content for this post, but all opinions and thoughts are completely my own!
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