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Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  Hayes Etc is a blog I adore writing, and I cover all the things I find wonderful about life.  There are lots of posts about personal style,  being a mama, and plenty about my family and our everyday life.

My full time job is designing home decor, but my interest in design goes far beyond just interiors.  I've always had a passion for beautiful things, and I really believe that every grey day can be brightened up by a wardrobe change and a little lipstick.  Of course, life isn't perfect, I do my best to keep it real around here.  

To help you get to know us a bit better, here are a few facts about my family & I: 

We live in St. Louis, MO, a city we adore.  The city gets all four seasons, has tons of amazing restaurants, and is a crazy affordable place to live!  It's also within a couple hours of our hometown, Mt. Vernon, IL.  

Darrell and I were high school sweethearts.  We went to separate colleges (University of Illinois & Eastern Illinois University), and got engaged, then married shortly after graduation.  Our daughter Claire Olivia is one year old, and we also have one dog, a maltese poodle mix!  

My husband doesn't help write the blog, but he is my sometimes photographer!  We both love seeing live music, eating at new restaurants, binge watching new TV shows on Netflix, and going to bed insanely early!  

I am a yogi, a vegetarian, and an avid reader of fiction (including an embarrassing amount of young adult trilogies.)  Darrell loves to eat steak, and he's a news junkie.  Claire likes slides, books, pretzels, and cheese!  

We may seem boring to some, but I like to think the real beauty of life is in the every day.  I hope you enjoy following my insights about clothes, beauty, food, and the updates on our life.  Please say hello anytime!  

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  1. Ah! How neat, you both are from Mt. Vernon! I'm from Marion but moved to St. Louis in 2008! Exciting to start following/reading your blog!!
    xo jess


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